Marine and Offshore

In the Marine industry, the introduction and development of innovative solutions represents a crucial challenge to optimise the different heating requirements found in this industry sector. The need for innovation is present throughout the entire value chain, from the design stage to the completion of the vessels. 

Few environments place greater demands on men and machinery than offshore oil rigs. The weather can be extremely harsh, the work is demanding, space is at a premium and dependability is highly prized. For these reasons, more and more oil and gas exploration companies call for Clayton Steam Generators on their offshore marine oil rigs for their industrial steam boiler requirements. These multi-purpose generators are available in a wide range of capacities. Clayton Industrial Steam Boilers perform numerous important functions, such as:

Heating work floors

Heating rooms


General clean-up


Heating drilling fluids



Clayton Steam Generators are used by major industries around the globe. They are valued on offshore rigs for more than their versatility. Compared with conventional steam boilers, Clayton generators are popular for their compact size, light weight, low emissions and absence of explosion hazard. They are highly regarded for their reliability, fuel economy and fully automatic PLC based controls, and their ability to quickly start-up and follow load cycles. Additionally, Clayton Industrial Steam Generators are backed by a worldwide support team of engineers and technicians to keep your steam generator service online and in full production.