Skid solutions

Clayton of Belgium has perfected a range of steam supply packages which have eliminated the traditional boiler house concept. Because of the small size and weight of the Clayton design it is easily possible to provide the steam generator with the necessary tanks, pumps, water conditioning, blowdown, and other accessories on a skid base as a packaged unit. This is the so called Steam generator skid.

For multiple installations or large steam capacities, the steam generator(s) will be delivered as a separate item, although the feedwater treatment equipment can still be delivered as a skid assembly. This feedwater package also includes all necessary valves, fittings, filters and controls.

Clayton’s skid-mounted, prefabricated solutions provide permanent or temporary steam solutions for a wide range of segments. The Steam generator skid and Feedwater skid are designed and manufactured by our specialist engineers and are thoroughly inspected and tested before they leave the factory. Our standard designs can be used or the package can be customised to suit the specific client or site requirements. Further pipework and electrical wiring on site are reduced to a minimum. Once the skid arrives at the customer’s premises it can be quickly positioned and connected.

We offer significantly reduced downtime, risk-free installation and simple and modular designed units that are assembled and tested at the factory. All skid units are shipped in one piece, configured to meet specific project requirements, and type-tested according to current, relevant standards.


Pre-engineered, modular designs.

Clayton coordinates design interface of all elements in the package to form a single product solution.

Units that are pre-designed, assembled and pre-tested – simply drop into place and connect utilities as power, water and fuel.

Type testing of all electrical equipment contained within the skid substation.


One point of contact for ease of doing business.

Incorporation of Clayton technology for all major components within the skid solution.

Compact and robust design.

Pre-engineered products reduce risk and time to quote and supply.