EGB for furnace

We refer to high exhaust gas temperatures for applications such as furnaces or any other industrial process where the gasses going into the boiler can be well above 450°C. By changing the grade of steel used for the shells and cones of the boiler, it is possible to use the concept of stacking standard coil sections for exhaust gas temperatures up until 630 °C.

For higher temperatures, Clayton uses the concept of a heating coil as used in the fired steam generator product line. The advantage of this construction is that the shell of the boiler is cooled by a “waterwall” coil. This heating coil type boiler can handle a maximum of approximately 15 000 kg/hr of exhaust gas up to 1 200°C, depending on the flow resistance allowed on the gas side.


Low weight

Quality steam

Rapid response


Low maintenance

High efficiency

Small size

Unattended operation

Low blowdown losses

Fully automatic