Fired steam generators

Clayton’s Steam Generators are world-class steam solutions that are based on continuous technical evolutions and on high-quality components. The Clayton E-series are the most compact, efficient and safest way of producing high quality steam within the shortest amount of time you will ever find in the market.

Not only are the Clayton Steam Generators the most cost-efficient solutions available, they are also the most sustainable solutions for the future of our planet. Less fuel consumption, less water blow downs and cold idling times are just a few elements that highlight the Clayton technical supremacy. Very short pay back times and long-lasting service life have been the foundations of our success since 1930. The fact that we produce all critical components in-house allows us to deliver a high quality product responding to the highest applicable standards and ensures that we can offer the safest steam solution you can find.

Cost efficient

Short payback periods

Inhouse production of critical components


Long lifespan

Compact highest quality steam in the shortest amount of time

Our advantages at a glance:

Theoretical and operational thermal efficiency are two different concepts. Conventional boilers are most of the time labelled with theoretical thermal efficiency under ideal conditions. However, as operational efficiency is an actual value that reflects product efficiency, it is important to consider the performance of different steam concepts at real working conditions.
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When using Clayton Steam Generators, it is not possible to have a steam explosion. This is a danger associated with a low water level in other types of boilers that store a large volume of hot water. As the Clayton Steam Generator does not have a water level and does not store a large volume of water, the danger of a steam explosion is completely eliminated.

Our steam quality is the best available compared to any type of boiler and is at least 99.5% dry saturated at all steam loads. This reduces the amount of water and impurities going into the process and ensures higher energy content of the process steam. This dry steam is certainly essential for culinary purposes or any applications where steam will be in contact with the medium to be heated.

The Clayton forced circulation design enables an extremely rapid response to steam load fluctuations. A Clayton Steam Generator will speedily ramp up and run at the required steam output continuously without faltering, while guaranteeing a stable steam pressure at all operating conditions.

Blowdown is necessary to prevent build up of impurities in boiler systems. Within the Clayton design, blowdown is extremely small and purges are highly concentrated. This saves fuel, chemicals and water.

The rapid start and rapid response can be controlled automatically. All Clayton systems can be started by a single switch locally or remotely just like any modern advanced machinery.

Because of the inherent safety and automatic systems, all Clayton Steam Generators can be supplied to run without operator attendance for a period up to one week.

One of the practical benefits of the simple design concept is that maintenance requirements are minimal. In addition, all of the components have been developed and improved over many years to make the Clayton Steam Generator the most reliable steam boiler available today.

A Clayton Steam Generator requires only a fraction of space and load support compared to a ‘classic’ boiler, which reduces the building costs. Further, this small footprint and safe design enables the steam generator to run in proximity of the steam application, which increases efficiency. The light weight even allows location on an upper floor level.

As a Clayton Steam Generator delivers high quality steam within 5 minutes after start-up there is no need to keep burning fuel and to keep it up to temperature. In other words, in case of no steam demand, the burner will be switched off.

Low NOx burners are available to meet the strictest regulations.