High pressure steam

Clayton of Belgium manufactures a line of High pressure steam generators that use the same proven design as the basic steam generator. Clayton ‘s High pressure steam generators provide high pressure steam for a variety of industrial applications such as auxiliary boilers in power plants, thermal enhanced oil recovery (TEOR) and wherever high pressure steam is required. Since High pressure steam generators are essentially the same as saturated steam units, they provide the same advantages.

Some benefits of using them as power plant auxiliary boilers include:

Rapid start-up: quick-start boiler starts quickly from a cold state to full output in approximately 15-30 minutes

Compact design: fits in a smaller area and has a relatively low operating weight

Fast response: steam on demand for all possible peak loads

High degree of operator safety: Clayton’s non-explosive design makes operation safe

All our units can be supplied with high pressure steam up to 200 bar.

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