Steam master (CSM)

Steam master - Steam Systems Bulgaria

Clayton’s Steam Master-Class Units are built for small to medium applications, using the latest in-house technology available and even more. When designing the CSM-Class, Clayton engineers had only one goal in mind. Keep the existing advantages of the Clayton technology, make it easy to operate and give customers the possibility to customise according to their needs. The result is an extremely compact unit that requires just one touch on the display to fire it up. All the rest is managed internally. Our engineers did such a good job that the unit can now run for one week in a row without human intervention and can still deliver steam whenever it is needed.

Standard features of the CSM-Class are:

Start-up in five minutes

Touchscreen control

High operational efficiency

Fully modulating

Low emissions

100% explosion proof

Runs without supervision

Easy to operate

Reliable (critical components built in-house)

Low maintenance costs


Available models CSM15 CSM30 CSM45 CSM-60-LN CSM75-LN CSM100-LN CSM125-LN
Output Kg/u 59 to 235 117 to 469 176 to 703 235 to 939 294 to 1174 392 to 1566 489 to 1957
Maximum operating pressure Barg 7 16 16 25 25 25 25
Length (L) m 1,6 1,8 1,8 1,82 1,82 2,03 2,03
Width (W) m 1,17 1,35 1,35 1,34 1,34 1,41 1,41
Height (H) m 1,71 2,24 2,46 2,09 2,09 2,25 2,25
Control (gas fired) Fully modulating burner 25% to 100%
Control (oil fired) Fully modulating burner 25% to 100% (CSM15 to CSM45: per modulation 0/60/100%)


The Clayton Steam Master scope of supply can be customised by the addition of the following option packages:

The Fuel saving package will increase fuel efficiency even further. An economiser section that fits neatly within the unit reduces fuel consumption and significantly lowers annual running costs.

The Steam quality package guarantees that the steam supply is at least 99% dry saturated under all output conditions. In addition, this package includes an automatic blowdown system to remove impurities that may be present in the supply water. This is possible by the use of the unique Clayton High efficiency steam separator. It collects the trapped moisture so that it can be recycled. The Steam quality package is fully integrated inside the unit.

The Water preparation package is a self-contained module that houses the essential equipment needed to condition a standard water supply to be used for steam production. All components are pre-assembled, piped and wired on the module. Connections between the Water preparation package and the Clayton Steam master are by means of the supplied flexible hoses.

The Clayton Steam master can be started by a single touch using this option. Once initiated the start cycle will run fully automatically. Further, remote start/stop is also possible by the use of a special steam trap and a back pressure regulating valve.

The standard Clayton Steam master can run without permanent supervision for up to 24 hours in compliance with EN 12952-7. For operations without permanent supervision for longer periods of up to one week, the Unattended Boiler room package can be provided. This includes the addition of a feedwater hardness and feedwater conductivity monitor that is integrated into the Water quality package and mounted on the Water treatment package.

For additional peace of mind, the Remote communication package is a major benefit. You can choose to have messages about the running status sent to a mobile phone or have Ethernet communication for data exchange with a remote computer. Having this package allows you to be in constant communication with your steam raising plant at all times.