EGB for engines

The Clayton Exhaust Gas Boiler is a single coil, water tube boiler with forced circulation of similar construction to the world-famous Clayton Steam Generator. The boiler consists of a number of cylindrical sections, which we call pancakes. The number of sections used depends on the heat output requirements of the boiler. The staggered (zigzag) configuration of the pancakes, one above the other, improves heat transfer from the exhaust gases to the tubes. Each pancake can expand independently of the others due to localised temperatures. The spacing between tubes varies with each Exhaust Gas Boiler model and the free gas section determines the gas side resistance.

We manufacture the complete steam generators in our European factory, located in Belgium. The external interconnections on the steam and water side are included in the Clayton scope of supply. Due to the modular design it is easy to adapt to all customer needs.


Low weight

Quality steam

Rapid response


Low maintenance

High efficiency

Small size

Unattended operation

Low blowdown losses

Fully automatic