Steam Systems Bulgaria offers a wide range of service solutions. Starting from preventive maintenance up to an all-in contract in which you are at all times insured of the perfect working of your steam system. All service engineers are dedicated trained specialists for the Clayton products.

Information of our services:

With a preventive maintenance agreement based on regular visits by our engineers, scheduled maintenance tasks and controls of the steam unit and the Clayton water treatment system are carried out to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Clayton has developed a very successful water treatment program over the years. Specifically designed trainings, interventions and water treatment products ensure in the most cost-effective way a trouble free and efficient operation of your steam installation. For more than 60 years Clayton chemical engineers have kept steam systems in perfect condition to protect your investment.

Do you wish to obtain round the clock guarantee of boiler water quality?

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Commissioning services up to turnkey projects are available for equipment on-site. Our engineers carry out all necessary safety and operational checks and perform full commissioning services

Spare parts are held in stock in many areas of the world and are available for immediate dispatch worldwide. Any spare part can be provided based on our comprehensive records of every unit supplied. To minimise the downtime even more, the customer can keep certain spare parts (emergency parts) on stock as well.

We offer interactif trainings to bring your employees the necessary fundamental know-how and qualifications to ensure a smooth and correct operation of the facility.

The daily operation of industrial equipment is very important because it maintains a high level of energy and environmental performances, improved equipment availability and better risk management. For daily operation or to respond effectively to an emergency, it is essential to have knowledgeable and skilled staff

To get the most out of your Clayton equipment we offer a range of flexible training options, covering:

  • Economical operation of the boiler house
  • Intermittent boiler monitoring systems
  • Operation of thermal fluid heaters
  • Water treatment

Our experienced trainers provide in-house or external courses suited to the needs of differing personnel, from operators and maintenance staff through to managers. All training includes an overview as to operation, a detailed explanation of how the equipment works and fault diagnosis, along with practical hands on operational training for those that need it.

The financial case for refurbishing or upgrading an old steam solution is a strong one. Aging heat raising equipment is often inefficient because it can guzzle fuel and lacks modern temperature control. Investing in modern systems is not always possible, so we offer attractive refurbishment and upgrade services for all steam, hot water, thermal fluid boilers and the boiler house installation as a whole. As Clayton manufactures every component ourselves, we are able to repair and refurbish your steam generator in an efficient way. We focus on sustainability, which leads to a reduction of energy consumption.

For heavy boiler works or for optimising boiler room performance, we provide our expertise to help guide investment choices. 

Round the clock guarantee of boiler water quality.

Water is of course necessary to make steam. But it must be of the correct quality, at all times, so that your steam generating system is adequately protected. For any type of boiler, including Clayton Steam Generators, correct water quality is achieved by proper water treatment and regular checking. As one of the best things you can do to guarantee your water treatment is to leave it to someone else, Clayton provides it for you.

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As the remote connection is connecting you 24/7 to your steam generator, you can always keep an eye on the process.

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Clayton offers a steam rental program that provides a convenient, flexible and cost-effective short to medium term solution to heat raising requirements. Those can be due to seasonal demands, work within the boiler house, … and are sometimes required for additional safety, planned/unplanned shutdown or for any other contingency.

Clayton rental equipment can be dispatched within hours of receiving your call. Swift delivery of Clayton equipment is simplified by the light shipping weight and compact size of the units.

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