Water analysing package


Water is of course necessary to make steam. But it must be of the correct quality, at all times, so that your steam generating system is adequately protected. For any type of boiler, including Clayton Steam Generators, correct water quality is achieved by proper water treatment and regular checking. As one of the best things you can do to guarantee your water treatment is to leave it to someone else, Clayton provides it for you.

The Water Analysing Package hardware includes a dedicated Clayton WAP Information Hub that collects data for the Clayton WAP Cloud Server. This allows access to important site information by specialists, based at our main Water Treatment Centre or from any of our remote working locations.

Water analysing package advantages

The Clayton Water Analysing Package constantly protects your investment in your steam generating system. You don’t have to rely on the visit of a water treatment engineer to be assured that your water quality is under control.

Package pricing

The price of the Clayton WAP is simply a one-off set up fee and a monthly rental. The exact cost depends on only a few factors, like the number of sensors you already have and the level of service you prefer.